Hamid thanks so much for the excellent work your company Northland performed for me recently. Especially the new bathrooms have been a huge success – they look beautiful and elegant but suited to our house style. I really appreciate how you took the time to look at what was needed, understand my preferences and give me practical options to choose from. This is something you just cannot get from the bigger companies – I know because I have tried them previously (especially the one you hear on the radio all the time), let alone with such a cost-effective solution.

I know you personally oversaw the team and stepped in when needed to ensure the deadline was met and within the budget we agreed upfront. None of the stress-inducing upsell tactics or anything – in fact I am truly grateful because I can see you did some upgrades, small touches, without charging to get the best result. I also like that we had a very “straight forward” relationship – you called it as you saw it and we planned for issues - like moving the shower wall to accommodate a bigger tray and adapting the plumbing to match within the budget and it made a great upgrade. When you perform this way, it brings trust and respect and I unhesitatingly recommend you – which I do to all my friends.  

Steve M.

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